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BMI Calculator for Women

BMI, body mass index, tells you if you are normal weight, overweight, obese or underweight. Please find the interactive BMI calculator women and the BMI Women Chart below to check out your current weight status.

What does the BMI number tells you?
BMI below 18.5. You are Underweight
BMI between 19 and 25. You are normal weight
BMI from 25 to 30 You are overweight
BMI above 30 You are obese

BMI Calculator for Women
Check if you are OverWeight
input your height and weight and push "calculate"

Weight Calculator for Women & Men (BMI Calculator Women)
input your weight and height and push "calculate"

BMI is a measurement of your body fat compared to Your
height and weight: Applies to both adult Women and Men.

The math behind BMI calculations and BMI Calculator for Women
Imperial. BMI = Lbs x 703 / inches2 (your inches squared)
Metric. BMI = Kg / M2 (Your height in meter squared)

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BMI Women Chart
BMI chart women - click to visit #1 weight loss program

Why are You OverWeight?

Why are You Overweight?
Simply because you are eating the wrong kind of foodstuff, the wrong kinds of calories and in addition your intake of food follows an in-appropriate pattern day after day.

What I am about to tell you now will change your eating mindset.

The FOOD you eat can make you THIN or FAT. It's all about how you eat and what kind of foodstuff you eat.
You don't get overweight because of a lack of working out, that's a delusion. You get overweight because you don't eat the correct meals at the right intervals every day.

Also, the pattern that you eat your meals every day is more potent than any weight loss pills on prescription. That's because the body is similar to a "motor" and the motor only require certain kind of foods at certain intervals every day. If you don't eat the right foods at the correct times subsequently it will not burn those calories ... and you will end up accumulating the calories as bodyfat.

You got overweight by consuming the wrong foods and You can slenderize by consuming the RIGHT FOODS at the RIGHT INTERVALS every day. It is simple as that. To loose weight you should NOT starve yourself or do serious exercise.

Why people cant lose weight
The number one reason which prevents people from weight loss is ENDLESS procrastination. You will start "next week" or maybe "after your holiday" or....
Why not start TODAY?

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Daily Calories Calculator
Your Daily Calories Requirement

Calories / Weight Calculator Women & Men
Input your weight -height -age -sex - activity level
maintain or lose weight - Click Calculate

The calorie calculator first determines your basal metabolic rate (BMR) using multiple factors, including height, weight, age and sex. It then multiplies that value by an activity factor that takes into account your daily activities. This produces a value that represents your total daily calorie requirement for maintaining your weight. If you've selected either "Lose Weight" or "Build Muscle" as your goal, the calculator will add or subtract a scientifically determined amount of calories to or from the total.

Activity Calories Calculator
Calories used in activities

Activity Calories / Weight Calculator Women & Men
Input your weight, Actitity and duration - click Calculate

To be successful at any muscle building plan that includes increased muscle growth and strength, you must have a smart nutritional strategy and training program. Help keep your muscle building goals on track and avoid adding excess fat by using the Activity Calculator to approximate the number of calories that activities such as weightlifting and running will use. For a more accurate daily calorie count of what you'll need to build muscle, use this calculator in conjunction with the Calorie Calculator.

BMI - Body Mass Index

Body mass index (BMI) is a comfortable and convenient manner to determine your bodyfat and your body weight in regards to height and a measure which can tell you if you are underweight., normal, overweight or obese and how much your weight differ from normal. BMI is a simple and exact figure where 20-25 is considered normal, 25 - 30 overweight and above 30 obese. As it is an exact figure it will tell you how much you vary from the normal.

BMI is a measure of your body weight divided by the square of your height, therefore BMI is an approximation of your bodyfat and not an actual calculation of your body fat.

As a result of the simple formula the resulting figure must be considered a guideline of how your body weight is at this time. Using that formula results in a BMI slightly to high for tall people and slightly to low for short people, consequently this simple formula doesn't one hundred percent consider how the body is build, Consequently give or take one to two BMI units if you are tall or short and one unit if you are standard height, and you can use the BMI figure in order to see what is your condition and make use of this as a simple and convenient guide.
If you are 26 - 27 or above you're definitely overweight. If you are below 19 you are absolutely skin-and-bone.

One other object is the question, what is standard in regards to bodyfat? Nobody truly knows, it can only be a guide and this guideline shifta over time e.g. the BMI for normal has been moved down to 25 and that is now considered the higher line for normal.

BMI calculations:

BMI = Lbs x 703 / inches2 (your inches squared)

BMI = Kg / M2 (Your height in meter squared)

BMI calculator online
Check out the BMI Calculator for Women above.

Daily Calories Calculator
You can also find an online calculator for your BMR, You body's Basal Metabolic Rate, how many calories you will need daily to maintain your current weight without particular activities.
Check out the Daily Calories Calculator on above.

Calories activity calculator
You'll find an online Calories activity calculator that tells you how many calories you burn for special activities. Find it above.

Dietary components in our daily food

The components in our daily food includes, calories from carbohydrates, protein and fat
and minerals and vitamins plus sufficient water.
Caloric intake.
The calories in the daily food intake, must be equal to energy in heat production and work produced by muscles, if body weight should be maintained.
When caloric intake is insufficient, stores of fat and protein are catabolized and when the caloric intake is excessive, obesity results.
Basal needs for an adult person in rest is about 2000 kcal per day.
In addition 500-3000 kcal or more per day are required to cover the daily activities = muscle activitity above the rest state.

A daily protein intake of minimum 1 g/ kg body weight is needed. The protein should come from different sources so that the amount of the 8 essential amino acids is meet. The animal proteins from fish, meat and eggs contain amino acids in right proportions required for body needs for protein synthesis.
Plant proteins are for the most part not in the right proportions in regards of essential amino acids and some plant foods miss one or more of the 8 essential amino acids.
Boby requirements of protein and amino acids from plant proteins can be meet by a mixture of different plant proteins but total protein intake must be larger than animal food proteins. 1 gr of protein equals about 4.1 kcal.

Fat is the most compact form of food in regards of calories. 1 gr of fat contains 9 kcal. Therefore Fat is used by our body as a storage of callories. Fat is stored subcutaneous often around the belly and internaly as a subperitoneal fat storage around intestines and other internal organs. The result is a big belly which we dislike so much. But essential it's a storage of calories.
We need a certain amount of essential fatty acids, but as soon at these are meet we can live on a very low fat daily food intake.

Carbohydrate is the cheapest source of calories and usually carb is half or more of our daily calorie intake. 1 gr. of carbohydrate equals about 4.1 kcal.

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Calories in food

When we say Calories - usually it's KiloCalories (KCal)

1 gr. Pure Food fat = 9 KCal (We usually say Cal)

1 gr. Body fat = 9 KCal (Cal)
1 Kg of body Fat = 9000 Cals (KCal)
1 pound of body fat (0.4536 Kg) = 4082 Cals (KCal)

Food energy is the amount of energy obtained from food. Like other forms of energy, food energy is expressed in calories or joules.

Joule and Calories
Kilojoule is normally used on food packaging, but the Calorie is still the most common unit in many countries.

1 Joule = 4.18 Calories (1 KiloJoule (KJ) = 4.18 KCal )

Gain or lose weight compared to your daily calories you need to maintain weight

to gain 1 pound. Eat 4082 Cals extra
to lose 1 pound. Save 4082 Cals

Pure Fat 900 Cals/100 g
Pure protein 450 Cals/100 g
Pure sugar (carbohydrate) 450 cals/100 g.
Pure Alchohol 700 Cals/100 g

Food Calories Table
Calories per 100 gr. / 3.5 oz

ad 50-100 cal for fried meat
100 gr. 3.5 oz Vegetables
100 gr.3.5 oz
pork, ham boiled
beef boiled, roast
beef, lamb, pork. lean
beef, lamb, pork. some fat
chicken. lean, no skin
egg. boiled per pc. 80 cal
. Bread & carb .
cod, Haddoch, scrimps. Flounder.
steamed, bloiled
Fish, fat. salmon, Mackerel, herring

pasta, spagetti
Milk products
. Fruits
Hard Cheese full fat
cheese 30%
Milk skimmed, 100 ml
Milk normal, 100 ml
cream 12%, 100 ml
cream single, 100 ml
cream 38%,100 ml
dried fruits
nuts, almonds, walnut...
. Fat rich
bon-bon, mix sweets
Butter, Margarine,
Oil. olive, corn
French fries
nuts, almonds, walnut..
100 ml
. 100 ml
water, mineral water
coffe, thea. Plain
soda, cola
wine red, white. dry
wine white. Sweet

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